Sunsuits and Rash Guards—Easy Peasy Sun Protection

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If you or your kids are in the sun and water a lot, at some point you are going to get tired of slathering on sunscreen and get interested in sunsuits and rash guards. They just make sun protection a heck of a lot easier … *especially* if you have kids.

Here’s a funny cartoon that illustrates what is is like trying to slather sunscreen on a kid:

There’s something about sunscreen that seems to make children run for their lives. I’ve never met a kid that loved having sun protection applied, yet, if you are spending a lot of time in the sun, you just can’t avoid needing to reapply sunscreen—sometimes to a sandy, wet, and/or unwilling child!

This is where sun suits and rash guards can be *really* handy.

Sunsuits cover large amounts of skin, are made to be UV resistant and designed to get wet! They are very comfortable to wear and eliminate the need to try to slather loads of sun protection on a wriggling child 🙂 Extra bonus points: they can protect against wind chill and keep your child a little warmer on those breezy beach days.

Here’s the winning combination:

Put a sunsuit on your child, slap on a good hat, dab a little sunscreen on the face and hands, and your child will have loads of sun protection with a lot less fuss!

And a Super Beach Mom Tip:  To get resistant kids to put sunscreen on, try offering to paint on their “magic cream” with a paint brush! It’s something different, feels pretty exciting, and might get your little one to let you apply sunscreen a bit more easily. Any clean paintbrush or sponge brush will do.

Rash Guards for Kids and Adults

Another great option in this category is the rash guard. They function very much the same way sunsuits do, but don’t have coverage for the legs. Rash guards are also an excellent form of sun protection for adults who are spending a lot of time in the sun and water, too, for similar reasons.

Athleta makes some really fashionable rash guards for women!

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One of the best things about using sunsuits and rash guards is that your sun protection *can’t wear off*!

You can literally spend the whole day in the sun and go in and out of the water, and you still have solid sun protection over whatever your rash guard or sun suit is covering.

Yes, you will still need to reapply sunscreen to your exposed skin, but it’s a lot less skin to worry about. Think about using a sun suit or a rash guard if you are going to be spending a lot of time at the beach.

Here are some suggestions for sun suits and rash guards that I think are great choices:


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