Keep Your Drink Ice Cold at the Beach

Yeti Colster wtih cold beer inside
Yeti Colster Rambler and Travel Mug keep drinks cold at the beach

After one early morning surf session my husband found a travel coffee mug abandoned in the rocks on shore and took it home. We rinsed it out and one morning he tried it and was ASTOUNDED because the cup kept his coffee hot FOUR HOURS after he poured it in. I don’t just mean warm, I meant *hot*! It was incredible!

We noticed the name on the lid of the cup said “YETI” and after some research we have found that these cups are some of the most well-insulated on the market. And it turns out lots of our friends already love them! One friend has the beer cozy (the colster) and loves it for how cold it keeps his beers at the beach.Yeti Colster wtih cold beer inside

So we tested the 30 oz YETI Rambler with ice water and filled it up at 9:30 am, before we left for the beach. And this is my ice water in the YETI at 1:30 pm. There is still ice in that cup!!!Yeti cup at beach that still has ice in it

And here is my YETI at 4:30pm when we were leaving the beach:

yeti rambler cup with ice in it after hours at the beach

There is STILL ICE IN THERE! I have never had a cup like this. Seriously.

YETI makes lots of nifty products from the 10 oz LOWBALL to the 30 oz RAMBLER, all well insulated. We are LOVING the 30 oz Rambler for our ice waters. The ice just stays and stays and another great benefit is that these cups DO NOT SWEAT! Not only do it I use it at the beach, I have started taking my ice water to work in the Rambler and refilling it throughout the day. The NO SWEAT design makes it much less messy on my office desk.

This summer try the YETI out! It does cost more than your average insulated cup. Honestly, we probably never would have discovered YETI’s if it wasn’t for finding our first cup, but we have since purchased three more because they really are that amazing and worth it!

UPDATE: I’ve talked to friends who have told me that the less expensive cups that are similar to the YETI also work very well, so if you don’t want to break the bank for a YETI, try out the cups by Arctic, Beast, and Thermos, to name a few.

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