How to Rock Your Mineral Sunscreen


So, you got the news that your regular sunscreen is full of, er, cr@p (read more about the cr@p in chemical sunscreens here) and you’ve decided to switch to mineral sunscreen only to find your friends and loved ones laughing hysterically and nicknaming you “casper” after you’ve applied it.

I know—I’ve been there. Before you go back to your chemical sunscreen ways, read this and you will be rocking your mineral sunscreen in no time!

1Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Everything goes on better when your skin is moisturized, *especially* mineral sunscreen. It will spread easier, absorb more easily, and not be as prone to sinking into any creases and wrinkles if your skin is moisturized. I like to moisturize right before I put it on unless I am planning on spending a lot of time in the water. In that case I do it the night before because I don’t want all of my sun protection to wash off the instant I get wet.

2Use two types of mineral sunscreen—one for your face and another for your body

There are some really nice mineral sunscreens out there for your face that will feel great and go on nearly invisible, but they are pricey! Purchase a more expensive brand for your face and save the all over stuff to slather on your legs, arms, chest, etc. Unless of course you are made of money, then by all means use the pricey stuff everywhere!

3Play the waiting game

After you rub your sunscreen in, wait 15 minutes or so, then give it another rub. This will help it blend in a bit more and you will be surprised how much the white cast fades after it gets a chance to soak in and a second rub.

4Use a tinted mineral sunscreen

Some mineral sunscreens come in tinted varieties, like this one by MyChelle. The tint helps tone down the white film the sunscreen leaves on the skin.

5Do your research

You won’t have to try over 80 kinds of mineral sunscreen because luckily there are people out there who already have! Seriously, there is a family that has tried and tested over 80 mineral sunscreens. Read their post to find out which ones they liked and didn’t.

Also, the Environmental Working Group has an amazing website that gives you the rundown and rates tons of different sunscreens. Check it before you buy and also check what you are currently using. I found out the hard way that one of my go to choices does NOT rate very well on their site. Since then I switched to using Goddess Garden Baby SPF 30.

6Accept that there may be a little bit of a white cast and that’s totally okay—rock that white cast!

The only sunscreens that go on completely clear are chemical sunscreens, and those chemicals are terrible for the environment and terrible for you. If someone asks, explain to them that you are wearing a sunscreen that is better for you and the planet. Who knows, you may just make a new mineral sunscreen convert. I am noticing that telltale white cast on more and more people at the beach as the word gets around that chemical sunscreens are OUT and mineral sunscreens are IN.



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