10 Ways To Do The Beach Like An Aussie

Aussie woman with flag on the beach

Aussies love the beach. With roughly 85% of Australians living within 30 miles of the coast you could say the beach is our national pass-time. But how exactly do you do the beach like an Aussie? Check out these hot tips for how to Aussie-fy your next beach trip.

Get Off the Beaten Track

Hike to find a great beach the way an Aussie would

We love exploring in Australia. With over 10,000 beaches to choose from there’s no excuse to spend your beach days fighting for space on a crowded strip of sand. So, pack a bag, put on some hiking boots and find your own piece of paradise.

Often the sacrifice of a half-hour walk will yield your own private beach!

Note: always take proper safety precautions on unpatrolled beaches and never swim alone.

Camping on the Beach

Tent Camping on the Beach

Our second great love after the beach is camping—so why not combine the two? While it’s important to note that not every beach allows camping, there are still plenty of great beach camping locations in the US. There is truly nothing better than watching the sunset on the sand, falling asleep to the sound of the waves, then waking up to an ocean sunrise. Check out these 10 Best Beaches for Camping in the United States for some inspiration!

Beach Cricket

Boy playing cricket on the beach in Australia

No, this isn’t some sand-dwelling insect, it’s the Aussie version of baseball! All you need to play is a cricket bat and a tennis ball. One person bowls (or pitches) the ball to the batter and everyone else tries to catch the ball to get the batter out- simple!

Top tip: sand provides the perfect soft landing for spectacular catches!

Try Something New

Two guys kayaking at the beach

In Australia, we all love to ‘have a go’ and try new experiences. There are so many awesome activities to try at the beach like kayaking, surfing, body boarding, stand up paddle boarding and snorkeling. So, don’t be shy! Put that magazine down and try something new—you may just find a new favorite hobby.

Sun Safety

Sun Safety at the Beach

Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world and we take our sun protection seriously. One of our mottos is ‘go hard or go home’, and you can’t go hard if you burn yourself to a crisp on the first day.

Try setting an alarm on your phone for every 2 hours to remind yourself to reapply sunscreen.

The Beach is NOT Just for Summer

Aussies Love The Beach Year Round Even in Winter

Like a steadfast friend the beach is always there for you year in, year out, so make the most of it all year round! You could be surprised by the amount of fun you can have building a giant sandcastle with a group of adult friends on a cloudy day—a sandy trip down memory lane is always a productive way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Fish & Chips

Do the beach like an Aussie and eat fish and chips on the beach

One of the many food traditions inherited from the English, an Aussie trip to the beach is never complete without a hot greasy serve of fish and chips enjoyed on the sand.

Whale Watching

Whale Fluke Out Of Water

A favorite winter pastime of many Aussie coast-dwellers is whale watching. Nothing will lift your spirits like the sight of a 40-ton humpback whale launching itself out of the water or a mother and calf frolicking a stone’s throw from the shore. Check out some of the best whale watching times and locations in the United States and get planning.

Dating by the Sea

photo of legs of couple on the beach

Every Aussie has been on a romantic stroll along the beach at one time or another. The beach is the perfect location for first dates, second dates or 100th dates; the inherent romance of a full moon rising over the ocean can’t be beaten.

Christmas on the Beach

Snowman on the Beach in Australia

In Australia Christmas doesn’t mean eggnog, roaring fires and turkey; it means beer, barbecues and the beach! You haven’t had the full Aussie beach experience until you’ve donned a Santa hat and your bikini and gone down to the beach to swim off your massive Christmas lunch.

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