About Us

BestBeachDays is your ultimate beach lifestyle website. We’re here to share the most awesome beach gear finds, helpful beach tips, fun beach decor, DIY tutorials, travel tips, and more. We’ve got all the beach related stuff you’ll ever need here at BestBeachDays.com!

Here are some of the people behind BestBeachDays:

Kristen, Chief Leisure Strategist

Kristen Walker is our Chief Leisure Strategist and prides herself on constantly thinking of ways to do the beach better and diligently performing experiments and reporting her findings.

Andy, Chairman of the Board

Andy Toohey is the Chairman of the Board at BestBeachDays.com. He dreams about waves almost every night and wants to share the stoke with everyone he meets. His love of the ocean is infectious.

Winnie, Lead Field Tester

Winnie is our Lead Field Tester. Her favorite place is at the beach, either in the water or chasing her ball. She will test the heck out of any piece of gear or equipment and has left many an unworthy tennis ball in the dust.