Six Things You Didn’t Know Your Beach Chair’s Towel Bar Could Do


I have to admit, I had my Tommy Bahama Beach Chair for months before I even realized it had a towel bar. For months I kept the towel bar folded down thinking its only purpose was to support the chair when you had it all the way back in the fully reclining position. That was until I stumbled across a photo of the towel bar extended. That’s when I realized that this little bar was pretty cool. A bar to hang a wet, sandy towel on? Sweet!

My wheels didn’t stop turning there. I suddenly realized that this little bar was probably one of my chairs coolest (and most overlooked) features!

Here are 6 super nifty things you can do with your beach chair’s towel bar that you may not have thought of:

1Hang your wet, sandy bathing suit on it.

Not just for wet towels, this bar makes a GREAT place to hang your suit (or your kids’ suits up for a little dry before you need to stuff them in your bag.

2Hang your necklace up when you go out for a swim. 

Necklaces can be hung securely right on the bar. No tangling, no getting lost in the sand, just hang it right up and it will be waiting for you when you return.

3Create a newsstand behind your head.

Ever get out your newspaper at the beach only to have loads of sand fall on your lap? Sandy magazines and newspapers are no fun. Not to worry, just drape them conveniently on your towel bar and you have your own personal sand-free newsstand at your fingertips.

4Need a place to out your hair clips and scrunchies when you go out for a swim? Towel bar!

5Hang your sunglasses up.

The towel bar is a super convenient place to hang your sunglasses where they won’t get scratched by sand and are at the ready for when you need them.

6Hang a travel bag or organizer full of beach stuff at the ready. 


This is where it’s *at* in my opinion. Any bag with a detachable strap (like those that you can hook on a stroller) or with a hook will work well for this. Fill it with your beach supplies: chap stick, sunscreen, aloe vera, etc. and voila! You (and everyone else in your family ) now has easy access to beach essentials. Not only is it super convenient, I find it’s a lot easier to remember to reapply sunscreen at the beach when it’s hanging in a very visible and easily accessible place.

You can really expand on the idea of the hanging toiletry bag and fill it with very specific things to suit your needs. Got a baby in diapers? It’s a hanging diaper bag. Family of surfers? It’s your surf wax, wax comb, sunscreen bag. Hungry toddlers who love snacks but aren’t so good at digging in the cooler by themselves? It’s a hanging snack/juice box valet. You get the picture.

Use your imagination – any accessory with a hook can now hang up above the sand from your beach chair!

Hang a laundry dryer from the back of your chair to get even more drying space for the kiddies’ wet things.

Or hang your wetsuit gloves and booties up to dry above the sand after surfing:

Use a regular hanger to hang jackets, tops, etc:

Or attach some of those S Hooks that you can get from IKEA to your towel bar and hang up all sorts of things, from cameras to shoes to scarves:

Or hook a cute car trash bag to the back of your chair for easy clean ups!

And lastly, here is a super bonus tip!

Most of the things that you can hang from your towel rack you can also easily hang from the frame of your beach umbrella, like so:

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